Korean Visa Requirement for Filipino Citizen


Planning of Visiting South Korea? First you will need to have a  Visa.

Korean VIsa

Korean VIsa

What are the requirements to get a tourist visa for Filipinos? 

It’s easy.  If you are an employee, you only need the following:

Ø  Original copy of your COE (Certificate of Employment) – of course, you’ll get this from you company!

Ø  Photocopy of your Latest ITR (request to your HR)

Ø  Original copy of your savings bank account certificate  (at least 50thousand or above)

Ø  If you are invited by your relative from Korea (include it)- optional

Ø  Photocopy of the first page of your passport

Ø  1 – 2×2 picture, or passport size picture

Ø  Accomplish visa form (will be given at the Korean Embassy)

Ø  If you have New Zealand, US, British or Japan Visa, include it also (optional)


Processing is 5 days. If it’s your first time to apply, it would be better if you’d tour other country, so your visa will be approved.

If you will stay in South Korea for more than 11 days, then, you have to pay 1500, I think.

But if shorter than that, it’s FREE.


Where can I find Korean Embassy?

Korean Embassy is now located at McKinley Hills, Taguig City.

How to get there?

Take a taxi, much easier! Hehe

If you’re coming from Edsa, go to Guadalupe Tulay near Jolibee, take a jeep going to C5, or Mckinley.

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    Hi, may I ask if it is necessary to have plane tickets na? or okay lanag kahit wala pa? thanks.

  • Sheilanie Veneracion Vizconde

    No Need. You don’t need itinerary too, just complete the basic requirements. Like i said, much better if you have traveled to other countries before applying for korean visa, para hindi ka madenied.

  • Lea

    what will be the requirements for my parents if my mother is house wife ever since then my father is already retired (turning 70 in June)? I want them to come with me and my husband, and we visited Korea twice already. Thanks :)

  • Sheilanie Veneracion Vizconde

    Just prepare the same requirements, i think it will not be a problem even if they are lacking some requirements, for as long as they have visited other countries before. You can call the embassy to be sure too.